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Miracle Glow Anti-ageing Anti-wrinkle Vitamin C Serum

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Vitamin C Deficiency on Skin could also cause Hyperpigmentation, Wrinkles, Black & Red Spots, Acne, Stretch Marks etc…

You may have heard of the healing effects of a vitamin C serum for the face and Skin. You may have heard of an effective anti-aging serum made from hyaluronic acid and Ferulic acid. But, now, we've combined them. Red Skin, sunburns, and all manner of damage caused by acne can be improved with our vitamin C serum. It's a Skin lightening serum, made with the best hyaluronic acid, that works toward making your body produce collagen-a necessary protein for Skin health. Collagen can help reduce the effects of aging, so, if you feel as though your skin is looking a little worn, if your skin is chafed, sore, wrinkled, or suffering from the harshness of the sun, then give your skin the cool vitamin C it needs with our face serum. It moisturizes, it heals, it creates brighter, toned, radiant skin that you'll love. It's all the benefits of a hyaluronic acid serum and the healing power of vitamin C in one place.

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This product is 100% natural. It has never been tested on animals, it contains no greasy oils and to top it all off, it has a lovely Rosewater scent to it!


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KEY INGREDIENTS : Water, Butylene, Trehalose, Sulfuric Acid, Emulsifier, Dextran, Magnesium Phosphate Magnesium, Mulberry extract, purslane extract, arnica extract, hyaluronic acid, xanthan gum, allantoin, salicylic acid, glycerin and lemon.


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