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My Approach to Digital Marketing is Centered Around Learning & Growing With My Clients


Digital marketing has become one of the most significant parts of the modern world which has its emphasis over almost all the sectors of the modern markets. As a digital marketer, the first thing which you should be aware of is how the businesses work online and figuring out what the business owners actually think and want from a service.

There is a reason that not all the digital marketing strategies work and why all such service don’t tend to work out as they are expected to. The reason is that they are not able to understand their customers the way does.

The reason is one of the most successful digital consultancy site is because it actually revolves around the concept of learning and growing with the clients.

After Having 5 years of experience in Digital Marketing and worked with many clients, I learned a lot about how businesses work in online and how business owners think and what they want.

Why my clients choose me

  • Guaranteed Results
  • Experience on handling multiple projects
  • Value Creation
  • Customer Focus
  • Return Over Investment (ROI)

My Mission

To Enable Startups & Entrepreneurs achieve their consumer needs by applying Branding/Digital strategies. My mission is to help my clients improve their online performance, deliver their services/products more efficiently and effectively and get their businesses to grow in existing and new markets.

Earlier life

I was born in a middle class family, which is in the remote village. I was unaware of my Family’s financial condition and situations in my village, even up to the completion of my 10th class. After finishing of my 10th class, I come to know the great difference between the standard of living, and the technology existing of that time, which was entering our villages through television and mobiles.

At that moment, I decided to join the Bi.P.C course. But my family’s situation was not in sync with the expenses that will be incurred by me, for my further Studies. Just like everybody else, I joined the M.P.C which really changed my way of studying and thinking. I performed Very well in intermediate, and my parents were very satisfied with my progress.

After that I started to spend more and more time with the internet. During that time, I fell in love with the technology, and the manner in which things can be achieved by utilizing that. Later, with the course of time, I joined B.Tech Electrical Engineering stream in the year 2010. In the very first year, I performed very well to my abilities and started to enjoy the studying process and the Knowledge.

Coming Back to my Family, we are three brothers, living with my parents. I am the second one, and we were all pursuing education at the same time. Our parents were facing some financial crunch, in paying up the bills for the three of us. So, I have decided to do a part time job to ease my monthly food charges, and I  joined this global MLM Company, which was in good reckoning during that period.

That MLM company has really changed my way of thinking, My life style, My confidence levels. Up until then, My Ultimate goal in Life was to find a lucrative job and get settled in the industry in line with my education. But after joining that MLM Company, I never again thought about the job, the same way I did before. Eventually, I finished my engineering with good percentage of marks.

From my previous experience with technology and internet, I thought of making money online and did ample research regarding the possibilities of making money through online sites and various avenues.

At that time, I started to explore newer ways to earn money online and started to implement my own strategies and learn at the same time. It is at this moment, my online income started and my journey as an Digital Marketing Expert is  continuing..,

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