Before learning about the differences between social and traditional media, you should know what what social and traditional media are?

What is traditional media?

Traditional media is nothing but mass media. Traditional media involves newspapers, magazines, television, radio, etc.

What is social media?

Social media refers to digital platforms. Social media refers to sites like Instagram, twitter, pinterest, Facebook, youtube, linkedin, etc.

Differences :-

Social media is immediate, whereas traditional media can be delayed.

In social media generally the matter will be short and can be published immediately within less time. But in traditional media time consuming will be more for producing data to reporter, giving useful real time images, delay in pressing time, etc.

Social media news is changeable, traditional media news is final.

If the newspapers went over stands or live happened in telivision or radio it’s final, we can’t change it. Whereas in social media we can control or update published news i.e. we’ll have a better control in social media than traditional media.

Social media is two-way, traditional media is one-way.

In traditional media, someone publishes story and the audience read or see it . But in social media audience can give there opinions to the publisher.

Cost :-

In social media the cost the cost of marketing is very less comparing to traditional media. The cost of marketing in telivision , radio or newspaper is very high. Therefore, in social media we can reach more number of targeted audience with less money.

Creation of content

In traditional media, the principle used is one to many. A editor chooses what to be published in newspaper or what to be telecasted in television. Whereas in social media many to many principle is used. Any individual person can create and share content, which makes social media more democratic.


Social media is a convergent media. In social media you can publish text, audio, video, etc. Traditional media works only in one format, either in print or as television. So, traditional media is not convergent media.

We cannot totally reply on only one type of media. We cannot replace traditional media with social media . We can’t publish our news in old villages where internet is not popular or not available with social media.

Although social media helps us in money saving but we should consider other factors too.