Top Marketing Jobs 2020 that are in high demand


With the growth in technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning, a lot of sectors of a working organization are changing. Digital Marketing is one of them.

Digital marketing is one of the most in-demand marketing jobs globally right now. With the growth of new tech, more such jobs are rising which creates new opportunities for marketers every day.

And because of this, the CMOs that want their enterprise or business to be blooming and having constant conversions every now and then need to hire top marketers that have some of the best skills.

This brings us on to our main topic – what are some of the top marketing jobs 2020 that are in high demand?

Well, as a digital marketer, there are a lot of jobs that you can consider seeing yourself in the next few years!

Let’s get you familiar!

Top Marketing Jobs 2020


Becoming a chief Experience Officer is one of the newest trends in our modern era. The reason for this is the drastic shift in customer experience.

Customer experience is becoming the brand differentiator over the price and product of a company. 

For aligning the resources and driving sales for the company, the need for a top chief experience officer is a must.

The top skills are:

  • A thorough analysis of customer experience.
  • Customer loyalty, campaign designs, and execution.
  • Building and managing customer experience teams.


Growth marketers have a unique skill in marketing. They combine the skills of engineers as well as product managers, all in one role.

With the rise in marketing options, CEOs globally are investing in the growth marketers that are data-driven and can also find some of the best opportunities for a significant ROI increase.

The skills of a growth marketing director are:

  • Account-based marketing and SEO.
  • Data and Analytics.
  • Demand Generation.
  • Social media and PR.
  • Content storytelling.


The demand for data scientists is going to rise enormously as the businesses are going to leverage digital data and AI to prove ROI.

Data Scientists have a lot of scope in the coming years as they are also going to disrupt the world of marketing by serving some of the best ideas that totally change the traditional practices of SEO, real-time marketing and customer engagement.

This evolving role is to build a stronger relationship between marketing automation and Data Science for maximizing the effectiveness of all the marketing campaigns. 

It also improves the personalized digital experience and measures overall business outcomes.

The common skills are:

  • Strong internet marketing data analysis skills.
  • Strong communication skills.
  • Good hold on scripting languages. 

Brand President

Just like a Chief Experience officer, being a brand president is the new trend.

People now want a deeper connection with the business they are dealing with. In such cases, a brand president focuses on building the customer connection with his products and services.

These focus on different points by innovative brand messaging and positive brand perception. This eventually gives rise to more loyal brand followers.

Top skills of a brand president:

  • An expert storyteller.
  • Creativity.
  • Understanding of customer mindset.
  • Strong leadership and communication skills.

Content Marketing Specialist

Content Marketing specialist is a part of content marketing that is one of the most popular designations over the past few years. A content marketing specialist takes care of the content of a company’s website. Along with that, SEO and click-through articles are one of the main specialties of a content marketing specialist.

Right from writing blog posts and articles, to writing emails and great content for SEO pages, a content marketing specialist has to take care of it all. There’s a lot more to content marketing and if somebody wants this kind of designation, there are certain skills that are needed.

Some of the skills of a content marketing specialist are:

  • Excellent Writing Skills.
  • Marketing Know-How.
  • A customer targeted mentality.
  • Engaging headlines and general content.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media has evolved a lot over the years and with that, there are a lot of reasons for a company to have an online presence.

As such, social media marketers make sure that they are managing the social media accounts of a company in the best way possible.

Right from designing and putting out clickable content to creative ads, everything is a part of social media marketing. 

Social media marketing is one of the most in-trend marketing jobs that has had significant growth over the past few years.

A social media marketer needs to have skills like:

  • Creativity.
  • Updated with new marketing methods.
  • Reaching the target audience.
  • Design ads that invite new conversions.

Graphic Designing

Graphic designing is one of the most emerging marketing concepts for the past few years. There’s a lot to graphic designing and apparently, it has been emerging a lot.

Content produced by graphic designers could be used in magazines, newsletters, posters, and even social media.

Graphic designing is a vast domain and there’s a lot of scope to it. 

Along with that, there are different mediums that graphic designers use for building high-quality graphics, both online as well as on print.

The skills a graphic designer usually needs are:

  • Creative mindset.
  • Excellent experience of graphic designing tools like Illustrator.
  • Understanding what kind of graphics attract the audience.

SEO Specialist

SEO or Search Engine Optimization Specialist is the one who is responsible for taking care of the rankings of the website. 

Specific keywords are chosen after a thorough evaluation of driving more traffic to the site. Along with that, several optimizations are made to the site as a part of the SEO tactics. 

This very process usually contains keywords in header, titles, alt tags, and meta tags.

The design of the website is made in such a way that search engines find it easier to index and rank these very websites. An SEO specialist has a lot of effectiveness on the SEO campaigns which eventually drives a lot of traffic to a site.

An SEO Specialist has a few important skills, like:

  • Through keyword research.
  • Optimizing page content for better rankings.
  • Producing such content that not only is search engine friendly, but also audience-friendly.

Advertising Coordinator

An advertising coordinator supports marketing efforts in different ways. There are ways to assist with marketing projects for print as well as electronic media. 

Advertising coordinators devise a particular advertising campaign that brings on more consumers to purchase the products or services of the company and ultimately, get conversions.

There are different parts combined, like product promotions, updating the customer database and support to the sales staff that are a part of an advertising coordinator’s job.

Marketing Specialist

Being a marketing specialist is one of the most common types of marketing jobs. The specialists design and create marketing campaigns that promote the growth of a company’s services and products.

Marketing specialists are also responsible for researching the current marketing trends along with determining what kinds of products are in high demand in the market currently.

They also develop sales presentations and make reports that are based on the data that’s collected.

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