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Technology is spread all over the world, connecting people around globe. Sharing information, promoting your service everything became easier than before.

You will have competitors too in this digital marketing field, for keeping up with your competitor you need to follow the trend.

So for all my followers I am sharing some of digital marketing trends for the future :-

Chatbots :-

A large number of companies will start using chatbots for their service, which interacts with their customers or online visitors. Chatbots interact naturally and they can answer questions in real time. Some of the advantages of using chatbots are listed below :-

  • saves time:- chatbots reply faster than humans, which helps in quick decision making of customers.
  • satisfaction of customers:- chatbots do not need any time to rest, they can work 24/7. Customers can clear their doubts ir get any information at any time.
  • unbiased and clear :- chatbots are not moody, customers will not complain about chatbots rude behaviour.

Increased popularity of private messaging apps :-

Use of private messaging will be increased day by day . Companies start adopting private messaging than using emails.

Many major messaging brands also started monetizing apps, so that they can pay directly from messaging apps when buying something. Receiving and sending of money becomes more easier. WhatsApp and Facebook already started paying of money through their apps for buying products.

Increase in use of AI :-

Artificial intelligence refers to machines having same ability to work same as like humans. AI uses combination of chatbot and voice assistant to quickly give response.

AI with use of sensors collects and stores data for future needs. Some examples of artificial intelligence are Siri and Alexa.

Personalization :-

Nowadays, personalization is done only by few big companies like Amazon. Personalization is nothing but showing products basing on his past purchase history .

Personalization will be the main trend of marketing in the future. A research showed us that 70% of the buyers get frustrated if the the recommendations to them are not irrelevant.

Should attract new customers :-

Keeping the old customers with satisfaction, we should also bring new customers to us. For getting new customers there are two ways :-

  1. by getting feedback :- comapnies should get feedback for their products, so that the new customers can watch the feedback and buy that product.
  2. making video content :- companies can engage with customers more actively by making a video explaining about their products.

These companies also gain more trust from consumers.

Voice – powered search :-

As use of technology is increasing day-by-day, people using smart phones with voice assistants too are increasing.

Voice assistants can search content, read and dictate msgs and reply them too without using your hand in any of these things.

So guys out there, if you are having a company and want to become successful just follow the trends that’s it.

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