This post is specially written to help WordPress beginners. WordPress is useful to build the website without coding knowledge.

In order to create a complete WordPress based website, the following things are required.

1.what is WordPress?

2.what is domain?

3.what is hosting?

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an online open-source is used for the creating website without any programming is one of the powerful tools for creating a website.

What is the domain?

The domain is the name of the website. For example it is a website name. Every website has one IP address is there. For example, Google has A domain name is a maximum of 64 characters.

What is hosting?

Hosting is the place where we store the code, files and data.

WordPress Main Contents

After buying a domain & hosting these steps we will follow to create the website

1. install WordPress. hosting account provides this option.

2.change themes.

3.after installing WordPress you delete pages & posts.

4.upload posts category wise.

6.upload comments.

5.upload pages.

7.create menus

8.Configure settings

Install WordPress:

How to install word press show in below

First, log into your web host account. the following screenshot.

After login, the below screenshot follow you, It shows hosting option at top left side.

Then select the hosting option shows below screenshot.

Install wordpress.

After install it shows the following screenshot.


First-time login WordPress it shows the following screenshot

The first theme takes automatically.

POSTS, PAGES, COMMENTS & Appearance :m

For example, you want to publish one post. select posts options write the post and publish the posts.

Pages: same method of posts.

Comments: blog readers comments will be shown here

Appearances: create menus.

Plugins: Plugins are generally useful for the extra functionalities

Configure WordPress Settings:

In these screenshots, general, reading and writing settings are there just set the settings.

this is the basic WordPress tutorial.